Portrait drawings of people and animals

Susan Brinkmann has created portrait drawings of people and animals for many years, using a highly detailed colour pencil technique.

Her portraits are appreciated by many already,
like Iris and Ed Bakker in Sweden:

“Susan made portraits of our three beagles and cleverly managed to catch the essence of their individual characters. We enjoy looking at the precious pictures on our living room wall every day”.

How can the drawings seem so life-like?
The drawings are so realistic that the subjects almost seem to step out of the paper! Apart being visually realistic, they have an almost tactile quality: you can nearly ‘feel’ them (especially the animals). The professional quality colour pencils Susan Brinkmann uses, display what she sees with her eyes and her heart when she creates a portrait. Her education at an Academy of Arts, an ability to observe the tiniest detail and a sensitive (drawing) hand guarantee a constant high quality.

Are you interested?
Susan Brinkmann’s art is known beyond the Dutch boundaries for her unique and valuable portraits. Her international background (English-Dutch-German) makes communication easy.
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